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Today's post is very different from what has already been shown here or even other Brazilian blogs, because I will present some of the beautiful work of an Indian bridal makeup artist! In fact, she is an artist who makes brides even more beautiful on the most important day of their lives!

Now, prepare your eyes and your heart, because you will be dazzled by the beauty of these brides, made and prepared by Sinu!
Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

I met Sinu Ratnam Roy personally in 2016 when I visited the town of Siliguri in West Bengal, India and was blown away by the artwork she does.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
It is a job that requires a lot of concentration and delicacy

Rajnandani Beauty Parlour Professional
And  this hair, also prepared by Sinu?! Beautiful!

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
And this bride? I would not know which is the most beautiful!

The Indian bride always dresses with strong and vibrant, usually red, with great accessories and golden or even gold and the makeup is well marked. So, makeup an Indian bride is not like makeup a Western bride, it is a real work of artist, practically a work of art to every bride in makeup! And if we tell that an Indian wedding lasts at least 3 days of celebration and, every day, the bride changes clothes and makeup ...

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

I did an interview with Sinu about this beautiful work and his passion for the craft, but first, I will introduce it!

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Sinu and her husband Kunal

Sinu is a 25-year-old Indian girl, married to Kunal Roy, who lives in Siliguri, West Bengal, and has a beauty salon specializing in bridal make-up, named RajnandaniBeauty Parlour Professional, located in the same city.

 Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Banner of Rajnandani Beauty Parlour

Sinu is a bridal makeup artist, trained from Delhi and Mumbai in professional artistic makeup and has already prepared more than 1,200 brides.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

And now, it follows the interview that I did with Sinu:

1) How do you define your profession?
From childhood I was attracted to this profession. I like to see how people are and how I can transform them with makeup.
My father told me in my childhood: turn your passion into a profession, enjoy your work and your work will not bother you!

2) What is the meaning of the name of your salon: Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional (Rajnandani Professional Beauty Parlour)?
Rajnandani means "princess who governs by its beauty" ... It is a Real name!

3- When did you find out that you liked makeup?
Once I completed my elementary school

4) Were you a makeup artist before you were married?
Yes, in Siliguri.

5) Who made your wedding makeup? Did you or did you hire another makeup artist yourself?
I made my wedding makeup myself.
6) What kind of makeup is preferred by Indian women?
In India, brides always want the traditional bridal look, according to their religion and locality, of course.

7) How long does it take you to make-up a bride?
It depends on each job, but it takes a minimum of 2 hours and the maximum is between 4 or 5 hours. For me, the most important thing when I finish a job is the beauty of the brides, not the time it took me to prepare them.

8) And for a henna tattoo, how long?
On average, about 2 and a half hours.

9) Do you usually meet the brides only in your beauty salon or also go to their homes or hotels?
I usually go as far as the brides are or they can come to my salon, especially if I have more than one bride to prepare the same day. But if the wedding is in another city, I also travel to the place.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

Sinu specializes in preparing brides from various regions and religions of India, such as the brides of Rajasthan, North and South India, Punjabi, Muslims, Hindus, Bengalese, etc. Brides in India have different styles and makeup for the wedding, which varies according to religion and / or state of the country.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
The Indian brides are beautiful, very colorful and with a well-made makeup!

At the Rajnandani Beauty Parlour, Sinu works with the best international makeup brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and offers the following services:

- Bridal Package, Pre-nuptial, 4-Day Bride, 3-Day Bride, Luxury Wedding Bride, Queen Bride, among others.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Shaping your eyes with kajal

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Latest brushstrokes (note the the luxury of blush...)

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
And voilà, the bride is ready and stunning!

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

And it's not just makeup and hair, Sinu also does Mehandi, which is that henna tattoo that brides also do for the wedding.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Sinu ending the bride ...

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
And here, the bride already ready for the ceremony!

Sinu sent me the photos so I could choose only a few, but they are so beautiful that I did not resist and decided to publish them all!

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional

Makeup, hair, clothes and lush jewelry leave the Indian brides with a look of mystery and very seductive.

Rajnandani Beauty Parlor Professional
Clients posing next to the banner of the Sinu beauty salon!

*If you want to see more Sinu jobs, visit the Rajnandani Beauty Parlour page on facebook.

Did anyone else feel like marrying in India just to wear these clothes and makeup? Well, even if it's just for a photo shoot, but I wanted to dress like an Indian bride, I stayed!

And you, how did you like Sinu's work? Have you seen or did you know the make-up and production of Indian brides?

Best regards
Ana Maria

*About this English Version
My official language is Portughese, I made this translation especially for Sinu and her Indians clients, so I'm sorry for possible English errors.
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